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OOPS Fixer Pet Odor Remover 22 ounce Spray Bottle

OOPS Fixer Pet Odor Remover 22 ounce Spray Bottle

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Works Great For Both Cats & Dogs Even the best trained pets have "accidents" from time to time. Odors from urine and feces or a "wet pet odor" can be embarrassing. Now You Don't Have To Worry. Bellyrubs Organic® OOPS Fixer™ is specially formulated to eradicate odors from dog and cat urine or feces. Because OOPS Fixer™ contains only environmentally safe and natural ingredients, it's safe to use around pets and humans.

Directions For Use:
SHAKE WELL. Spray directly on the odor source. May be used on pet beds, litter boxes, carpet, auto interiors, fabrics and more.


Removing Urine Stains & Odors on Carpets & Fabrics: Spray directly and immediately on stain. For best results, place a damp towel over area and keep moist for a 24 to 48 hour period until stain disappears. Reapply for persistent odors or stains.
OOPS Fixer must make contact with all odor residue for a long enough period of time to permanently destroy it. If any odor is present during the treatment process, then OOPS Fixer either has not made contact with all the odor residue or not enough time has passed to allow OOPS Fixer to completely destroy the odor residue. Saturation or immersion is always preferred. Rule of thumb: wetter is better.
As long as OOPS Fixer is moist, it will continue to destroy odor residue. Always use enough OOPS Fixer so that the surface being treated will remain moist for at least 20 minutes. An example is carpet with old dried cat or dog urine stains.
Other products used to treat odor prior to treating with OOPS Fixer may interfere with OOPS Fixer effectiveness. We recommend rinsing with water to remove any other products residue prior to treatment.
Natural Microbial Based Cleaner
OOPS Fixer is microbial-based and the microbes penetrate the odor molecules and metabolize the carbon atoms, totally eliminating odors and stains caused by the source. Because the source is eradicated, the odors/stains never return.

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